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Why You Need A Massage?

This is a common question that maybe you even ask. Think of this. Do you service your car regularly? Change worn out tired?  What about your body? You must read this.
So you service your car, change worn out tires as they age. But, you will sell it when ages Right? Like using oil, etc

Why You Need a Massage

your reading this in the body (chassis) you were born with and it has to survive 90 plus years.

How are you maintaining the muscle, bones, skin, etc?

You will fit into one of three of these:

1. Hardly exercise

2. some activity

3. exercise on a daily basis

No matter who you are. What happens you feel stressed, sore, stiff limbs?

Hope the pain goes away, live with it? Or pop a pill?

Is this really helping your body to work at it’s full optimum? Especially as we age.

It Won’t Go Away

Now that ache or pain may go away  but muscles do have a memory. Talk to a few people a few years older and chances they may have a pain and.  They will remember an incident which relates to that pain.

Maintenance is key. Exercise is important.  The one thing is after you maybe a bit sore or achy.  This is a sign a muscle is stressed, from over use and or a build up of toxins. Remedial Massage is an excellent tool to improve your well-being.

Now look at any professional sports person. You may not see it.
Yet these sports people get massage on a regular basis.  Look at the AFL.  These guys train a lot, run long distances in a game and can receive numerous bruises playing and in training.

They get regular massages which assist them to return to playing, week after week.

Tou may not train as hard as they do and yet you have problems which if are not treated  will slow you down and could cause long term stress.

What Massage Does

A good massage therapist sets a massage which

  •  Increased blood flow
  • Removal of Toxins
  • Improved range of movement
  • Relaxation
  • Destress
  • Improved performance
  • Better posture
  • Less headache
  • etc

Massage improves muscle condition  as muscles are rubbed and moved. It improves blood flow, this allows the muscles to

  • Warms up muscles
  • Flush away toxins
  • Improve flexibility
  • De-stress
  • Realign bones and body
  • and Much More

Massage helps Wear and Tear

Now you would of heard how you should do 10,000 steps a day. Those who do, fantastic

just think of this.
10,000 steps x 365 days = 3,650,000 steps a year  or 2,800 kilometres a year

The average person walks 7,800 a year or 2.100 a year

If your Joe average that over 2,100 a year  include arm movement, etc

Dont you think maintenance should be a priority? that’s over 240,000 kilometres in your life time (average)

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Improves Your Body For Life

As we age there a many people who walk with a limp, walker, ride a buggy and stiff and tired. Just think to yourself, do you want to be ageing not so well? Massage has the power to keep you more limber and alert.

If you look at all big sport stars you will see they get a massage to assist with wear and tear, from what they do in their sport. Thats why they appear healthy, it is included in many other types of health practitioners.

Yet there are many people who go to the gym, or do other activities and simply ignore signs of age. Just think, do you wake up stiff and sore? On this look at every animal alive, the first thing they do is stretch, do you?

Many do very rigorous exercise, or work etc and yet they ignore or hope that niggle goes away.

My Car Was Serviced in the Last 2-Weeks

Just think of this one of your big expenses is a car. So, to ensure you keep its warranty up to date you keep the service up, change and repair things as it is used and ages. Yet, when it gets older you sell it. Maybe it just looks a bit older, has a major problem or you need a change.

Big Point. Do you treat your body the same way or hope it just keeps motoring along. As I say look at older people and ask they what would they do again with their body if they could again?

Most will say “Only If”

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