What to Expect At a Remedial Massage

What really does happen at a Remedial Massage treatment?

Generally speaking many people have a Remedial Massage as it is due to some form of Injury, pain, misalignment or for a checkup. Some seem to wait for a long time, putting up with the pain, hoping it will mystically go away. Well, that is another story.

Today learn what really does happen when you make your first appointment and what happens next.

The start to a Remedial Massage

Most people will either do their research or just do a search online to find a massage therapist. If you’ve at Goodlife in North Adelaide, we have a massage therapist for you.

It is good to ensure they are registered, have provider numbers. If you have Private Health there is a chance you can claim your Remedial Massage.

Once you make your booking, it is the big day. Know what you want done, and be a ease, massage takes many forms from, yes, deep tissue, to Mayo Facial Release, which is a light form of treatment.

Also the time frame, 30 minutes to 1-hour is usually long enough for the treatment especially if deep tissue or trigger point is used. On the other hand a 1.5 – 2 hour massage can be very beneficial. At Still Waters massage, Reflexology is used to work on the feet, hands or ear, to assist further improvement to your reason to visit.

Wear something comfortable to the massage, know in your mind do you want a massage with clothes on? If so you need something comfortable, or using oils or creams will mean you disrobe to the clothing you require to have the treatment.

Gift Baskets and Hampers Delivered

Meeting the Therapist

Meeting your Remedial massage therapist maybe for the first time can be a bit daunting, but he/she has worked with many people and is well aware of your possible nervousness. Usually there will be a form to fill out and discuss with the Remedial therapist with what you need and what the therapist can do for you.

The room will usually be at a good temperature, the table will have towels and usually a private room. If you are to remove clothing the therapist will leave the room while you get ready and cover yourself with a towel, then call the therapist in. Yes, it can be difficult to cover yourself with the towel if facing down, but it will be correctly applied when the Remedial Therapist comes in.

During the Remedial Treatment

Depending on the reason for the therapist, the reason for your visit. The therapist will either

  • Be Quiet
  • Or ask questions

If it is a not a deep tissue massage or using Trigger Point therapy the remedial therapist will not need to say much and will know how you feel. There, maybe times they will ask if the pressure is to hard/soft and how you are feeling.

If deep pressure, then it is important to talk, even if you say if it is too hard or soft, or just need to ask. When deep pressure is used it is important to know the therapy is not causing excessive discomfort. Especially if doing trigger point where a thumb or finger is pushing down on a sore spot. In general terms the pain should not exceed 70%

At Still Waters Massage, generally it will be less, as less soreness, may take a bit longer, but will give better relief, at the time and long term. The body does not like pain even less than you may feel it. And it is best to work to how you the client and the body reacts to the treatment.

It is important the client and the therapist, work together to get the best result. At the end of the massage, sometimes there will be some stretching, known as PNF stretching to assist in the release of tight muscles.

End of Massage

Generally you will have a few minutes to relax if needed and the therapist will leave the room when you put your clothes back on. Then there will be a discussion of how you feel and any differences you notice. You may feel sore afterwards but, that can subside quickly or it may take up to 2 days as the body readjusts itself to the massage treatment. It is possible you may need a 2nd or 3rd treatment to ensure the problem has fully realised.

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

If only we could have a massage once a month or once a week even, how good would that be? On saying that, it all depends on your lifestyle. Massage should be a regular part of life. Remember this. When you think of your car, your driving along and there is this little sticker telling you the next time it needs service, right?

When you’ve doing your 10,000 steps or just a quiet life, there is not sticker telling you that you need a massage, or other therapy. Many leave it until it get unbearable or need that, fix.

Getting back to the car, have you noticed, people update their cars? Either age or kilometres? Yet, they keep looking at the sticker. 4 maybe 10 years down the track you upgrade. You can’t do that with your body. Your born with your body and it has to get to the last days of your life.

Just look at older people and think, are they like that because they had regular maintenance, i.e. exercise, massage or are they limping, stooped over due to inaction?

I look at my dad, he is nearly 94, he still spends all his day in the garden, growing his own vegetables, plays golf 3-days a week and yes he walks it. Yet ever since he was young, he exercised, stretched for at least an hour each morning. His biggest complaint is in the morning, now he can only do 50 skips in a row. How do you think you will be at 94?

We have mobile phones, now, computers, iPads etc. Go the calendar, and make a sticker. A daily exercise routine and a massage a bare minimum of once every 3 months. In fact Book a Massage today, you will be thankful you did. Your body is a lifetime commitment.

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