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Experience of David Waters at Still Waters Massage

Before David, became a Massage Therapist at Still Waters Massage, he started work as a Diesel Mechanic, working on tour coaches, so not only been a good mechanic counted, you have up to 45 people and driver on a coach, so when you worked on brakes, steering etc, you had many people life’s on the line, for a few years David was in charge of a tour company. Not long after he moved to Western Australia, and started working in Perth and a travelling trouble shooter of mine site engines in the big dump trucks and gensets.

Unfortunately a serious car accident, stopped this job in his tracks and due to major memory loss and spinal injuries he had to change. Moving into an office job, the move up the ladder was very quick. Soon in charge of a large department, covering the Asia Pacific region and transferred to Melbourne.

Here with a spinal injury, David, didn’t stop, he ran the 1992 Melbourne Marathon, there is no reason not to do what is possible. This was after wearing a neck brace for 12 months, and concerns of the spine not healing, but it did.

Soon after, transferring for the last time to Adelaide. After a while this job was very stressful and something new had to be started up.

Starting Massage

A friend told me why not try massage? In, fact I thought that was not me, and after awhile went to a short course. That was it, the next step was learning more about Massage.

So in 1996 I started at a college in South Terrace, while in training, David went to North Adelaide Football club as a volunteer Massage therapist, 17 years later and 7 of those years as a Head trainer was an amazing experience, and received the highly sort Merit Award for services to the club. Now in these years, I had a short break.

Then started Still Waters Massage

It was a big move, and well rewarded, I was working from home and at NAFC, but I did have a break from footy and worked atDavid Waters the Adelaide36ers for a while. It was pretty amazing as in this time, I worked with the ladies team, and then The Mens Australian Basketball team came to town and managed to work with them while in town. Proud moment was when they gave me a Game Day top signed by the team (It is now locked away) Soon after, NAFC asked me to return and completed my time there.

Soon leaving NAFC

Stayed working for myself, moved from Prospect and work in 3 different places enjoying the changes. It is great to work with people of all ages, fitness and improving their conditions.

Now, I enjoy helping people with all conditions especially

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Headaches

The therapies used include

  • Remedial Massage
  • Trigger Point
  • Deep/Light Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Mayo facial Release
  • PNF stretching
  • Reflexology – Hands, Feet & Ears
  • Each massage is designed to your needs


In Still Waters Massage Spare Time

Over the last 4 or so years, David has been writing a book on how he came from a serious car accident with head and spinalinjuries to get to where life is today. It will be a story to motivate and think about life. As many people with serious injuries have trouble keeping positive. Yet, with a few ideas and this story, people will be able to think more about life.

Still Waters Massage is a great place to come for a massage or reflexology session,it is a place to unwind and build your future and improve you.

Make a booking today and find out more about how to improve your life starting today.

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