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Motivation is Your Personal Growth to A Better Life!

It’s having the nerve to move your Motivation forward, the power to go and do what you need to succeed. Just Motivation, is not Going Downthink where you are in life now. Chances you have performed many actions and had good outcomes. You should feel great. Sure you maybe stuck right now. Remember, that you have actually achieved many small things to get here and now.

There is a chance you’ve not motivated, as it could be you’re going out on a limb and getting too deep, too soon.

Think of this, when you were young, you wanted to be an Astronaught, Fireman, Doctor etc. Yet you may not have got there. Great if you have. The thing, is those who did, have arrived in their position, from study, training and followup. This is what you should be looking at.

There are some very successful people who seem to make things work and you’re thinking how did they…

Remember that’s them. You are you.

Look at those who are not motivated and maybe depressed, or not where, they think they should be. You need to find people and places which give you confidence and motivation to do better.

Nothing is given to people (majority of the time) most have to work and work. If there was a quick fix, would we all not be Rich and Famous?

Some people look at the billionaires in the world and think, how did they get there? Probably family money or similar. But, take time to look at this website > Billionaires who started out poor.

You see, chances are you have a income of some sort already, In a nutshell, the above people, knew they needed a better life and never gave up. Then, asked and talked to people, studied what was needed to be done.

You see, nothing just falls into your plate. But, reading, asking and learning more about what you want in life makes a change.

Motivate This Way.

  1. Look at the problem and write it down. Everything that you need or what you already know.
  2. Make the time to understand exactly what you are planning
  3. Then discuss it with someone. Remember nothing successful was run by one person who knows it all.
  4. If there is someone who does it similar, study what they do and find away to improve your plan from it.
  5. Be persistent. Any person who is at the top of their game did so, by working at it, not waiting for it to happen. You may understand that, we all hope and wait for it…
  6. Do it, imagine, you keep thinking, what if, maybe, chances are. Is that a winning formulae?
  7. You need to think, How Do I? This is the beginning of improvements
  8. Made a mistake? So what, accept it, if needed say sorry, and move on. You just learned how not to do it next time.
  9. Smile, you know every time you do not smile, your mind is not happy. If you smile, even faking it makes you feel happier. Try it now, go on give yourself time to smile. A smile, actually improves you way forward.
  10. Now your final destination. The best Motivation, is knowing what the end result is.
  11. Figure out how to get to the end and work backwards. If you don’t have a dream, how do you know where to end up?

Watch out for my story about having an accident at 30 and having lost total memory of life pre-accident and the possibility of how David managed 10 big goals from sheer determination and internal motivation to do what they said couldn’t be done. Read about what happens


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