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How often do you work out? And, how do you look after your body before during and after? Chances are you may have tight and or sore muscles, right? Or feel tight?  If you agree the chances are your not looking after your body as much as you could.

Remember when you are exercising, your muscles are been stressed, chances are your starting to firm up, muscle up and looking good, or still working on it. But, is your body in it’s best condition moving forward? Just think of this, how do you look after your body to ensure it stays at peak condition. So at the end of the work out, your not in as much pain or tightness. Read more about the 6 benefits of massage.

Think of your body like a car. When you drive a car, and something goes wrong or is due for a service. Do you do what it takes to get it fixed to go again? Now think of your body when you get sore or muscles tighten up, what do you do? Hope it goes away or get it fixed ASAP? If you hope it goes away you definitely need to read these 6 benefits.

The 6 Benefits of Massage

1 Muscle Health

Massage has many benefits on muscles.  Massage is made up of either deep tissue or lighter, depending on the reason. When lactic acid is massaged out the muscles have better blood flow and improves flexibility and movement. This will give you better  Massage increases the muscle flexibility and movement and you will find you will improve your work out with better blood flow. It will improve the way you think about a workout, as your body is better prepared.  Your body will have better definition with good blood flow. You will feel better as you watch others struggle.

2 Positive Approach

You will find at times you don’t feel like going to the gym or doing things around home. This can be as your body is tight and or sore and mentally this slows down the way you want to start and do. When you start, sure you get in the rhythm, but, this feeling can slow down or stop the way you do things. Having a regular massage, you are keeping your muscles release tension, allowing your bones to move more freely and realigning the body. As you watch people get old6 Benefits of Massage for the Gymer, they stoop, move slower and age. As you live day to day you feel better when you feel good. Having a massage clears away toxins and frees the body up giving you a better approach to each day. Happy body, happy mind.

3 Sleep

When going to bed and going to sleep, how do you feel? Many find it hard to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night, either worried, a need to get up and just lie there. Having a god sleep is very important to recover from exercise, just your day. It allows the body to reset and cleanse the body and mind of the day just passed.  The next morning your body will respond better at the gym or what ever you do. Massage is a great way to release the tension of the day no matter what you do.

Improve your life with a good massage, a good sleep and feel more alive, flexible and energetic.

4 Improved Skin Tone

When at the gym your body is under a lot of tension, you sweat a lot and you may have a shower and wash it off, and then apply oils or lotions. Getting a massage is used with various oil, creams or lotions. A massage will allow the gym goer to moisturise the  skin and freely allow it to move better. It will help reducing the chances of wrinkles, as it is keep hydrated. Improve blood flow to the surface of the skin removing toxins.

5) Flexibility

Flexibility is a key part of life and optimal performance. A massage, will improve muscle fibers as they are stretched which allows flexibility promotion. The gym leads to increased muscle tension, and can cause collagen scar tissues and muscles to  become adhesive where tissues stick together. Without massage this could increase aches and pains. Keeping flexible with massage and PNF stretching will improve balancing your body to better health.

Book a massage at Still Waters Massage today and feel the way you need to feel not want to.


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