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How Often Should You Get A Massage?

This is the one of the most asked questions in Massage. How often should you get a massage? This is a question which depends on many factors, reason, even costs. Massage is one the Maintenance programs for you. Remember, you are born with the same body that remains with you for life. Many factors will depend on your reasons, including health, exercise, lifestyle, and how you want to live your older life. Lets check out the massage times

It is easy to think those aches and pains will go away, the tightness in your body when you wake up, after exercise or tiredness when going to bed.

There Are Many Reasons for a Massage

Generally, as said above, we have to look after our body as it is our lifetime chassis. When you look at top athletes they would get a massage weekly, when sore, and when injured. Yes, they probably can afford this, yet, without it, the chances are they wouldn’t be in top form and soon fall behind.

Most people, don’t think of massage, or other therapies as a necessity, yet, many people who go looking for a massage therapist, it’s because, they are in some form of pain, tightness, etc.

Remember, when the body is in trouble it shows up as aches, pains, lack of sleep, lethargic, or you just don’t feel right.

On a side note, if your car was playing up, would you not get it fixed ASAP as it is a necessity to get around? Probably so, just look at how many mechanics are working and the wait time to get your car fixed. The catch is, when it gets old or worn, old you know a few years old you sell it and get a replacement, maybe even a new one.

Just think for a minute, what is more important, a well maintained car, or you?

They are both important in their own way. The big thing is, talk to older people and asked them how they feel. If they are sore, tight etc. Ask them how often did they get physical therapy? You know exercise, massage etc.

Then talk to older people who are healthy and looking good and ask them what they did to keep that way.

Time for That Rub

Just think, the first time you get a massage from a qualified therapist, chances are it was a good experience andMassage TherapyMassage Time maybe even a bit sore during and after for a couple of days, and how you felt later. Most people will feel great and see some or a lot of improvement.

So, when is the best time after that first massage or the next one you have.

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rules. A monthly massage for most people would be awesome as you would keep your body in great shape, including

  • Better your health
  • Toxin removal
  • Flexibility
  • Less Stress
  • Better Sleep
  • Etc

A sports person should get a massage weekly to keep at peak health. The average person should look at either

  • Monthly
  • Every 2nd Month

Of course it comes down to finance and reasons for it. Your Best bet is to ask your health care provider for the best time. Remember if you keep up your exercise and stretching, it will make a big difference.

If it is an injury or something that needs help with repair, more often is better than not. Generally if you are seeking help for neck, back or similar pain, a visit weekly for 3-4 weeks will make a big difference in helping to get better. On the other hand you may find only 1 or 2 visits are needed. Again, this is where you need to talk to your health care professional for the best massage timing.

Remember though if you are not seeing an improvement after at least the 2nd treatment, you should review your best options for help.

How Long Should it Be?

Now you’ve thinking how often, but how long should a massage be? People can get massages from just a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours. Time is dependent on what you need, the reason and why.

Most people will choose between 30 – 60 minutes, in fact it’s a good time zone as your body will get the right help. Too long and it can get a bit much, to short and you may miss out on getting the best results. These times are just a guide.

Generally 1-hour is a good time as it allows the therapist to warm up the body, do a good massage and wind down to the end.

The body can take a bit of time to come down from a massage. A deep massage could take 24 – 48 hours to recover, it may not feel like it needs to, but the muscles have been worked on and need to just complete the recovery process.

The important part of this recovery is food and fluids. It is important to eat well and it is best to talk to a nutritionist in regards to eating well for your body, lifestyle, etc.

A good guide, is to ensure you get fluids after a massage, generally if you drink one glass over the next 2-hours and each 2-hour period after this. It will let the fluids to absorb better into the body.

Just remember drinking 1 glass of water every 2 hours, will easily give you a good hydration regime for the day.

Just remember, when your thirsty, your already dehydrated.

Massage helps to remove toxins, stress, muscle tension etc. Hydration is very important in keeping the muscles pliable with good blood flow.

In Conclusion

Massage is one way to help with problems with the body. Each person has a different reason for a visit, and each person needs to discuss with their health care professional for the correct timing and length of massage.

Having a massage on a regular basis will assist your body to keep in good health. The time is commonly between 30 – 60 minutes and you should see results within and including the first massage.

Just having relaxing massage will like all massages allow you to sleep better, think and move better.

Massage is a great way to improve your life now and in the future. Booking a massage is easy. As is seeing good results for you.




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