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CoronaVirus and Massage

The CoronaVirus, is a big problem as you know world wide. The important thing to remember is that in massage there is that the utmost care is with himself and the cleanliness and who David works with. There are many guidelines available to learn more about the Corona Virus, but rest assured our health (yours and mine) is important. Find out more about what happens

At present, every massage David, uses new towels and used more than once. All Towels for each massage are  washed after each massage. The face area on the table is cleaned and a new face cover is used each time to ensure proper cleanliness. Also before a massage David spends time washing his hands to ensure best practice.

More information about the CoronaVirus can be found here

David, finds it very important to keep the client and himself safe from any condition.

Massage is one of cleanliness and helping you to a better life. No matter who you are or what you do, massage will ensure good health now and in the future.

If you have a cough or feeling unwell, please reconsider making an appointment and discuss this with your health care professional. Which David will do if he also feels unwell.

Please Remember

To sneeze or cough into your arm and use tissues as need to and wash your hands throughly for at least 20 seconds covering the whole of both hands. Wash and clean places you have or will touch.

You can make a booking for a massage on this link

David, looks forward to helping you ensure a better life through Massage, PNF stretching, better performance and sleep.


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