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10 Benefits of Reflexology

Find out the reason why people are using Reflexology to improve their health and well-being. Learn more about improving your health with a Reflexology Treatment and how it can help you live a better life. Look at the Chinese they have been treating many ailments by working on points on the feet. Find out how it will help you today.

Reflexology History

Reflexology has been used for centuries in China and Egypt, it has helped many people over the years to improve their health. It has been recorded in tombs over 2,000 years ago. It has been used by thousands of people.


If you believe that points on your feet, hands or ears, do not do or you don’t believe in it. Just imagine what a 20 minute per foot would do for you. Ask the average person and they love a foot massage, why, maybe it is doing something, they have not realised and most who do, feel really good afterwards.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is where points on your feet, directly point to various parts of your feet, hands and ears. For instance, your big toe, thumb and ear lobe have points that relate to your head, brain, eyes etc.

The most exciting part about reflexology is where you work on a point and the client, says, wow, I feel it in “xyzzy” point. The interesting part, is David, has not said what point they are working on in the feet and he will see, it’s where your feet are been worked on now. Further proof is showing a picture of the points. People are amazed at this.

Is it a Cure for Anything?

Legally NO. The reason for this is science has not proven it through studies, yet if you look around and who is using it. It is interesting how it has changed life.

It has not been proven by science that it works, but, when you talk to people who have been treated, you will hear them say this or that has happened and they have changed. But, to the sceptic, it is a great foot massage that takes about 20 minutes per foot.

Benefits of Reflexology Include

Following is a handful of benefits you will have with Reflexology.

  1. Better Sleep

    • Reflexology is a great way to improve rest and relaxation. With a gentle massage and using various techniques to relax the body, many people will have a good sleep that night or even during the session.
  2. Improving your brain

    • The brain is the powerhouse of the body and is working all the time similar to the hard drive on the computer, but is so much more complex. With the various things we do each day, walking, thinking, working etc, the brain is working to help improve. Helping the brain with blood flow and relaxing points on the feet related to the brain. It can help to relax and become more alert.
  3. More energy

    • Most of us need that extra boost, reflexology can help to improve the adrenaline in our body and all the body to make the most of what is been done working on the feet. We help to remove cortisol which will drain the body of energy.
  4. Headache relief

    • Many of us have Migraines or headaches from a hard days work, the weather etc. Reflexology will help to drain the stress of headaches and help to get various organs to run more efficiently to improve your day and the future.
  5. Plantar Fasciitis

    • This is very painful to those who suffer this debilitating injury, working your feet and ankles can have an improvement as we work the tissues and help them to relax.
  6. Remove Toxins

    • Our body is always making toxins, it is our body continually rebuilding and shedding old cells. With reflexology, we help the body to clean and run the body improving blood flow and energy to help you move more and help remove toxins.
  7. Sore Feet

    • At times we have sore feet from walking running, working etc. What would be better than giving your feet a well-rewarded massage? Just think the average person will walk around the world twice in their lifetime. They do a lot of work, and reflexology is a great maintenance tool to help keep them young and active.
  8. Digestive Problems

    • Yes, you may suffer from bloating, overweight or a tight stomach. Working reflex points on the feet for the digestive system can help the stomach to work more efficiently and cleanly.
  9. Blood Circulation
    Many people are tired or drained. Massaging your feet can help to improve blood circulation, work on the various organs of the body and help you to improve and feel better about yourself.
  10. De-Stress
    Ever heard someone say I’m so stressed and have sore feet? It’s amazing how a massage on the feet can make a big difference in how you feel each day. Life is very stressful at present and we must do what we can to improve our body. Reflexology is a great way to take the weight off your feet and have them treated in a way to improve your day and upcoming week.

Reflexology has been around for many years. If you are concerned talk to your health care professional first and find out more about how Reflexology can help you.

Watch out for a post coming soon on-ear reflexology and how it can also help your body to improve.

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