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10 Benefits of Reflexology

Find out the reason why people are using Reflexology to improve their health and well-being. Learn more about improving your health with a Reflexology Treatment and how it can help you live a better life. Look at the Chinese they have been treating many ailments by working on points on the feet. Find out how it will help you today.

Reflexology History

Reflexology has been used for centuries in China and Egypt, it has helped many people over the years to improve their health. It has been recorded in tombs over 2,000 years ago. It has been used by thousands of people.


If you believe that points on your feet, hands, or ears, do not do or you don’t believe in it. Just imagine what a 20 minute per foot would do for you. Ask the average person and they love a foot massage, why, maybe it is doing something, they have not realized and most who do, feel really good afterward.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is where points on your feet, directly point to various parts of your feet, hands, and ears. For instance, your big toe, thumb, and ear lobe have points that relate to your head, brain, eyes, etc.

The most exciting part about reflexology is where you work on a point and the client, says, wow, I feel it in “xyzzy” point. The interesting part, is David, has not said what point they are working on in the feet and he will see, it’s where your feet are been worked on now. Further proof is showing a picture of the points. People are amazed at this.

Is it a Cure for Anything?

Legally NO. The reason for this is science has not proven it through studies, yet if you look around and who is using it. It is interesting how it has changed life.

It has not been proven by science that it works, but, when you talk to people who have been treated, you will hear them say this or that has happened and they have changed. But, to the skeptic, it is a great foot massage which takes about 20 minutes per foot.

Benefits of Reflexology Include

Following is a handful of benefits you will have with Reflexology.

  1. Better Sleep
    • A relaxing foot massage helps the body to relax and improve blood circulation
  2. Loosen muscles
    • Reflexology helps to stimulate nerve endings in your feet which releases tension. This, in turn, relaxes muscles allowing better movement.
  3. Improve blood circulation
    • Reflexology can stimulate oxygen and improve nutrient transmission throughout the body via meridians as well as helping with waste removal. Tension can have restrictive effects on blood flow.  This could lead to muscles not having the right amount of oxygen which will have adverse effects like cramping. Reflexology helps blood flow and healthy muscles.
  4. Eliminates Toxins
    • Cleaning the lymphatic, intestines, and urinary tract. Reflexology can help with bloating, releasing blockages, and flush toxins and waste.
  5. PMS
    • Many women suffer monthly from irritability, bloating, headaches, fatigue, sleep, etc, when during PMS. Reflexology manipulating certain points on your feet will assist to relax and improve the functions related to PMS. One woman I worked on had irregular, painful, and very stressed. After reflexology sessions, the menstrual cycle was eased, became regular and stress was greatly reduced.
  6. Cancer Help
    • Reflexology does not cure cancer, it provides relief from the side effects of cancer treatments, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It can help the patient to sleep easier, lower digestive problems, and reduce depression and anxiety. Find out how Reflexology could help increase blood flow and clear various pathways. This may help in stimulating antioxidant activities and slow the spread of cancer.
  7. Stress
    • Reflexology helps to improve relaxation. Having your feet massaged helps to relax the foot from what is normally a hard day of walking, running, standing on a daily basis. A foot massage helps relaxation. Reflexology is a great way to improve your stress and anxiety.
  8. Plantar Fasciitis
    • Foot pain could be caused by plantar fasciitis.  Reflexology on the planter can help to improve the soreness caused by plantar fasciitis.
  9. Back Problems/Whip Lash
    • Working the foot in various areas for the back and neck can assist in relieving aches and pains. One woman had bad whiplash. After doing remedial massage, in the neck and shoulder areas, it was clear there are more problems which were causing the pain from the whiplash (Car Accident) After working on the feet it was found a sore spot in the lower back area. Now treating that area actually relieved the pains of whiplash, relieving tightness and pain in the neck.
  10. Improve Fertility
    • Working the areas on the feet in relation to fertility problems, it can be possible to improve fertility. In one instance a woman came to see me and was unable to get pregnant and been through the IBF program, after a series of reflexology treatments, the woman soon pregnant.

In closing,

Reflexology is a great way to assist the body to relax and help to improve body functions. It is not a cure and if unsure you should talk to your health professional before starting any reflexology session.

Generally, it takes about 40 minutes to an hour and it is best to not have anything planned afterward to allow your feet, body, and you to enjoy the sensation reflexology can provide.

Also with my treatments, you have a plan to keep working on your feet while your working or relaxing as time permits.

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Watch out for a post soon on how Auricular Therapy will help you. Yes, working on your ears may help to improve you.

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