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Good Life

Goodlife is where David works with people who are tired, stressed, have aches or pains or help with injuries. This is where you too can come and get the help you need to ensure you keep your body at optimum performance.

There are two options for a massage at Good Life, if you are a member of the club, times for a massage are flexible. Non-members will only be able to enter when the main desk is manned. This is for security and safety reasons.

The room is near the front door with comfortable leather chairs to sit and wait or to relax afterwards.

The Goodlife at North Adelaide

North Adelaide Village Shopping Centre Cnr O’Connell St & Archer St
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006

With Free 2 -hour parking on the bottom floor.

In fact if your not a member, contact me, I have 3 x 21-day complimentary passes, which give you access to Good Life during Staffed hours. Find out more about GoodLife Here

David, has had several years experience working with all, local, state and international atheletes, find out why by making a booking.

Also have worked on people in my own business, people of all ages etc. David is here to help you.

I start 1oth February 2020

Remember one thing, the body you are born with, is your vehicle for life. Maintenance is key in ensuring you get the most out of today and every day.

Make a booking and enjoy the benefits of

  • Massage and/or
  • Reflexology

Contact David Waters on 0411 285 313 now,

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